Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle Wraps

Whether you’re sprucing up the company vehicle or personalizing your own vehicle, vehicle wraps provide the perfect opportunity to get your vehicle noticed. Wraps are long lasting and easy to remove or reapply. Our window films also offer see-through performance inside without compromising the design outside.

Vehicle wraps are an effective means of promotion for a couple powerful reasons. First, there is no monthly charge; once you’ve paid it’s yours – unlike billboards or other advertising that require monthly payments. Secondly, your message stays with you. All day, and all over the city you are spreading the word about your business to people who may never have noticed you otherwise.

Vehicle Fleet Wraps

Many of our clients don’t need just one car wrapped, they have a whole fleet to consider. At Signs First, we are very accomplished in working complex projects with dozens of vehicles to help our clients brand, or rebrand their vehicle fleet. Best of all, we can do it quickly and effectively from start to finish. With a dedicated design team and large-bay facility, we can brand or re-brand your fleet in no time!

Full Vehicle Wrap

Full vehicle wraps promote your brand on any size vehicle for any purpose. Wrap your food truck in a custom design with built in menu and pricing, or cover your van with striking designs that make your service stand out amongst the rest.

Yes, we can definitely make it work with your vehicle. Yes, we’d be happy to help you design it! Stick with Signs First and your vehicle will stand out in no time.

Color Change

Full vehicle wraps aren’t just advertising opportunities. Our color change wraps can completely change the color of your car without reducing resale value. Since the manufacturers paint is still on your vehicle, your color change wrap can be removed when re-selling to show an unaffected coat of paint. Color change wraps are a great, long-lasting tool when protecting your vehicle from natural hazards and weathering. It’s easy to clean, and your options are endless!

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are a long lasting, durable solution for those who don’t wish to have their work vehicle permanently wrapped. Magnetic signs are easily placed and removed, and offer an affordable alternative to full vehicle wraps.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering works on any vehicle, and is another alternative to full vehicle wraps. This simplified design option is chosen over full wraps because of how easy it is to alter your messaging.

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